No More Mind Games

Paul tells us in Romans 12:2 not to be “conformed to this world” but to be “transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  How did Paul intend that we do that?

Well, he has spent 11 chapters explaining the meaning of the gospel and the significance of Christ’s death and resurrection on our lives.  And he immediately follows the remark in 12:2 with some specific areas in which our thinking needs to be transformed.

This leads me to conclude that mind transformation is not about playing mind games with God, not about finding some heretofore secret formula that will make me holy.  It is about doing the hard work of changing the way I think about reality.

In some cases this may mean letting God show me the areas of false thinking I have been laboring under since I was a child.  In other cases this may mean meditating on His Word to find out His correct perspective on life.  It may mean listening more carefully to preachers and teachers He has gifted to help us learn.  It may mean seeking counsel from someone who can help us individually to walk in truth.

The battle is in and for the mind.  Satan is ready to reinforce all the falsehood we have believed with his own deceitful take on life.  Our own flesh wants to indulge in falsehood for the sake of not doing the scary thing, which is to trust in God and His truth.

So, no more mind games.  It’s time to get serious about putting yourself in the posture and place to have your mind transformed by God’s truth.

Randall Johnson


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