Reflections on India 1

My friends and co-laborers, Vijay and John Marley

I am just returned from a 12 day trip to India where I partnered with John Marley, a teacher from my church, to hold two 3-day Bible conferences.  The first was in Madurai, or more specifically, Light of Hope Gospel Mission just outside of Madurai.  The second was in Kovilpatti, a 3 hour trip south of Madurai.  All this is in the southern tip of India.  Our host was S. J. P. Vijayakumar, or Vijay.  He has been a missionary sponsored by Central Church since the mid 90’s.  His father-in-law, the founder of Light of Hope, has been supported by Central for many more years.  They are faithful servants of the kingdom.

I found myself drawn to several of the participants and their stories and would like to share some of those with the world (or at least whoever reads this blog).

A Vision From Jesus

The young man shown here was a Hindu, as are the vast majority of Indians.  His mother was particularly devout and was a frequent visitor to the temple, offering sacrifices, and even frequently sending her son to temple to pray for her.  At one point she became deathly ill and sent her son to pray for her.  But one night in a dream or vision the Lord Jesus appeared to her and told her that what she was worshiping was a lie and that he was the only true savior.

On hearing this she herself renounced Hinduism and embraced Christ as her Lord.  She told her son that she had misled him all these years and urged him to follow Jesus instead.  He was moved by this and knew of some Christian missionaries with whom he consulted and he too became a follower of Christ.  Since then he has studied and become a missionary to Hindu villages under the auspices of a local Church of South India.

I am impressed with the work of the Lord Jesus, even apart from human witnesses to His glory, reaching out to bring those He loves to Himself.


4 thoughts on “Reflections on India 1

  1. Wow, so cool. Also, you can’t see it, but there is a Vodka ad under your post 🙂 I hate that about WordPress. Others tell me there are ads on my site to after each post, but the author can’t see them… LAME.

    Looking forward to more about India.

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