A Thimble-Full of Theology for Daily Living is written by Randall Johnson.  He has been a pastor since 1979, having graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary (ThM) in 1979 and from Reformed Theological Seminary (DMin) in 1998.  He is married with four grown children and several grandchildren and loves theology because it reflects the heart of God and informs true worship.


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    1. Thank you. I checked out your blog post on Rebels Are Losers and the quotes by G. K. Chesterton. He is one of my favorites to read as well. I have thought that I probably ought to read “Orthodoxy” at least once a year. There is something incredibly engaging and intellectually stimulating about his writing that I don’t even know how to explain. Thanks for sharing some of his thoughts.

  1. Dear Brother and Sister in Christ Love

    Greetings of love, peace and grace be to you and you are the elders of the. In the most mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

    Dear Brother and Sister I request your kind permission to introduce with your compassionate I so glad to it is my greatest privilege to introduce myself, my name is S. Barna Boss I am Evangelist Missionary. Servants of Christ I am doing my Lords work from past Few years ago in my area with 2, congregations. I am gathering 27, co-workers preachers and doing the lords work successfully under 39 congregations. We are preaching the good news and attend to social works. Even we don’t have cycle also. We are in Some Churches sea coast area and very slum area and Gospel full Development Project us. You will be happy to note that we are doing social work like providing food to poor 25 orphans and 15 widows Sponsor a child in Blue Haven Children’s Home and prepare a future leader (James 1:27) . We found these children at roadside, and tsunami effected areas and HIV children. We are given good food, good education develop and clear water in our orphan home. Our main aim is to develop the Christ in our area. We are giving preaching and taking new souls we are giving baptism also. My aim is save the new souls, Then we are go with team give good news to slum areas in various places. Our main aim soul winnings. In our surrounding areas there is so many other denominations. We are doing this work in India . Indian people are not converted speedily (John-4:24). Here all are Hindus and so many Hindus idol worshipping to snakes, cows, and pigs. I am working hard in this center of other denominations and Hindus. If anyone lifts our work it will be grown up. So I humbly request you please help me in this regard. I hope someone help to this mails. Please understand these of our needs and send your help and monthly support Orphans kindly prayers for my Gospel and social work. Please pray for my works continue. I want your Gospel Partners in Lords work.

    Dear Brother and Sister. Finally we need your prayers. Please prayer for us and for our Gospel and social activities. Please continue to prayers for our orphans and widows with co- preachers Worship services we are all remembering all of you in our Daily prayers.

    We are anxiously awaiting your loving and favorable reply.

    Yours in Christ’s Love

    Barna Boss / Evangelist

    Sea coast areas Orphanages,

    47-2-40 # 18th Ward
    W.G.Dist (A.P)
    S.India – 534260
    Email: – truth_1980cc@yahoo.co.in
    Cell:- 0091-9396-7475-76

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